• IDB 2023

  • Industrial biotechnology

    Enzymes, microorganisms, bioprocesses, bioactive molecules.

  • Biotechnology of the environment

    Treatment and recovery of waste, bioremediation, bioenergy and phytoremediation

  • Plant biotechnology

    Genetic diversity, environmental constraints and plant breeding, interaction plants microorganisms

  • Health biotechnology

    Vaccines, diagnostics and active molecules.


The Tunisian Association of Biotechnology (A.T.Biotech) was created on 30/10/1999 according to Law No. 154 of 7 November 1959, amended by Decree No. 90 of 2 August 1988 and Law No. 25 of 2 April 1992.
Given that ATBiotech is classified among the international scientific associations, its objectives are:
 To help members to improve their general and professional knowledge and to facilitate scientific and cultural communication between them.
 To encourage innovation in the various fields of biotechnology at the level of research and industrial applications.
 To be open to the economy and to liaise between researchers and representatives of the industrial sector in the biotechnological fields.
 Participate in the dissemination of information related to biotechnology.
 Establish scientific and technical relations with similar associations in other countries.


The 20 th International Days of Biotechnology - IDB 2022

Added on 2021-07-10

The International Biotechnology Days (IDB2022) of the Tunisian Association of Biotechnology in parallel with its 20th anniversary

IDB 2022 : December 18th - 21th,  2022
Topics :
http://www.atbiotech.org/useruploads/images/next.png Industrial Biotechnology : Enzymes, microorganisms, metagenomics and bioprocesses.
http://www.atbiotech.org/useruploads/images/next.png Environmantal Biotechnology : Waste treatment and recovery, bioremediation, bioenergy and phytoremediation.
http://www.atbiotech.org/useruploads/images/next.png Plant Biotechnology : Genetic diversity, environmental constraints and plant improvement, and plant-microorganism interaction.
http://www.atbiotech.org/useruploads/images/next.png Health Biotechnologie  : Vaccines and diagnostics.
http://www.atbiotech.org/useruploads/images/next.png Bioactive Molécules and applications.
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